DRY Hibiscus leaves & Flowers

DRY Hibiscus leaves & Flowers

Hibiscus is beautiful flowering plant that grows in tropical and warm regions. It has a distinctively pretty flower in its wide variety of species. It is the national flower of South Korea, Malaysia and Republic of Haiti. Considered as an auspicious flower in India, it is used in many rituals and offerings to the God. Apart of this, there are a lot of medicinal uses of Hibiscus leaves and flower. In the ancient Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda, it has been used for treating several ailments and conditions for centuries. Uses of Hibiscus leaves are not only used medicinally, they are consumed in different forms and many a times used as ornamental offerings and general landscaping in gardens and parks. Hibiscus leaves are processed in various forms for different uses. Dried Hibiscus leaves are used as garnishing in various cuisines like Mexican. Its flower is used to make a form of tea that is popular in several countries with various names. Medicinal uses of Hibiscus leaves are proved scientifically through various researches. A 2008 study has shown that consuming hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. In Ayurveda, red and white Hibiscus are considered of high medicinal value and used in various forms to treat cough, hair loss and hair greying. It is also rich in antioxidants that are used for anti-ageing purposes. Tea of hibiscus leaf is also consumed to elevate mood.

Here are several medicinal uses of Hibiscus leaves. If hair fall is the major problem to you, hibiscus flower can act as a wonderful remedy. Since this flower has a great combination of vitamin C, Phosphorous, riboflavin and calcium, you can get a soothing hair along with restriction of hair fall. Your hair will get enough nourishment as the hibiscus flower contains carotene which also restricts graying of hair at a very early stage. Regular using of hibiscus flower juice can easily restrict hair fall control, dandruff and graying of hair even when you are touching 50 years of age. This is an age-old remedy for all those people who have been struggling for healthy hair that is free from grey hair.

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